• deeeper.technology Landcover automated, high-resolution and nationwide data collection
  • Artificial construction Building
    Survey of the nationwide building stock
  • Renewable energy potentials Photovoltaics
    lead generation
    Area-wide search for commercial PV customers
  • Artificial construction pervious
    Automated data collection of pervious surfaces


We want to make decisions and processes better by understanding the Earth’s surface: For this purpose we translate geospatial data into ready-to-use information for the fields of artificial structures, forestry and agricultural areas as well as on water surfaces. We make our findings available to our customers quickly and clearly arranged in the desired output format.


Understanding land cover over large area with high resolution

  • Forest cadastre
  • Agricultural land
  • Water monitoring

Artificial Structures

Recognize characteristics and potentials of settlement areas

  • Building cadastre
  • pervious surfaces
  • Traffic routes / parking lots

Renewable Energy potential

Record potential areas and existing plants

  • Existing solar Plants
  • Solar rooftop potential
  • Solar Lead Generation
  • Solar open space potential
  • Wind power area potential

Geospatial Insight

Gain deeeper.insight with deeeper.technology

Area-wide evaluation of geospatial data for your application


Next level
deep learning

We deliver geospatial insights, derived from remote sensing data such as aerial and satellite images as well as intelligent data enrichment from additional sources. With our self-developed artificial geo-intelligence, we gain geo-based data into concrete, reliable insights and application-oriented solutions for industry and public authorities.



With insatiable curiosity, we want to understand things deeply and find answers and solutions to the important questions of our time. How can spatial data help us prepare for climate change? How have ecosystems changed? Where are open spaces for solar installations?

We are artificial intelligence experts dedicated to advancing the automated analysis of geospatial data. We show our customers unimagined possibilities and offer with our unique developments high-tech “Made in Germany”.

Joshua Becker


Joshua Becker


Joshua comes from a maritime background and has sailed container ships all over the world as an operations engineer. After studying operations management, he now takes care of operational issues.

Dr. Johann Heller


Dr. Johann Heller


Johann is the team's Deep Learning expert. He discovered during his PhD in acceleration physics that the same mathematics is perfectly suited for Deep Learning.


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